Computer Science VS Software Engineering

One confusion that almost every student come across while searching for a career in Computer Field is how BS Computer Science and BS Software Engineering differentiate and which is better. Below I have tried to clear this confusion. Let me know what do you think.


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Many agree that a degree in computer science best prepares a student for abstract problem solving and research on the development of computer technology, while a software engineering degree provides a student with knowledge regarding the software development process and how to apply this as an engineer.

The two fields are significantly overlapped. One way to understand the difference is to examine two specific words within their given names.

Engineers, by nature, are tasked with developing solutions to problems or creating more efficient processes by using tools already in existence. So, software engineers often find themselves creating new software by use of existing languages or established practices already in use.

Contrary to this, scientists often hone their expertise on research and developing (and pushing) the boundaries of their given field. As such, computer scientists may assist in the creation of new algorithms or language types that will eventually be put in use to create software.

Computer science is primarily concerned with computational theory, namely the architecture, data, algorithms, and programming languages that comprise the software that’s run on a computer. Computer scientists are focused on things like code, algorithms, artificial intelligence, database design, and software design.
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Software engineering is a field largely concerned with the application of engineering processes to the creation, maintenance, and design of software for a variety of different purposes.
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Which is better?
You'll receive a different answer from every Computer Science graduate or Software engineer. I, myself being a Computer Science Graduate and now working as a Software Engineer, would say, If you only want to gain in depth knowledge about Software development practices then go for Software Engineering. But If you are not still sure about which field of Computer Science you are made for, go for Computer Science and explore all of its fields in your BS CS degree.

Jobs in Software Engineering:
  • Software Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • System Developer
  • Embedded Systems Development
  • Software Quality Assurance
Jobs in Computer Science:
  • All of Software Engineering Jobs
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Computer Networks Specialist
  • Network Security Expert
  • Database Administrator
  • and many more

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  • Beautifully explained!

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    If you want to go for higher studies after bachelors like MS CS and Phd, my personal recommendation would be to go for BS CS

    Otherwise, If you are planning to go for job right after graduation, BS SE would be the best.

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